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  • Beth & Daniel - Wedding

  • It's Keith's birthday and what better way to spend a birthday than to shoot a wedding as a second shooter for Captured Hearts Photography! It was blowing a gale from the moment of leaving the house to getting to the wedding venue and it didn't give up even upon arrival! But like all best laid plans,[...]
  • Mid-2018 Spring Clean

  • What's up everybody! As you can see at the moment, our web site is a little bare as we're in the process of creating a fresh new look and updating our images. We still have some of our older work on the web site with previous editing styles, but we're working through every single wedding and pre-wed[...]
  • Gemma - Trash The Dress

  • We were looking for some one to have a Trash The Dress photo shoot, so we could get something a little bit different to add to the set of photos that we had, so we went to Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in a FREE Trash The Dress shoot and this is where Gemma got in touch. She wanted t[...]