Social Media Marketing & Content Creation


If your business would like to achieve more through your social media marketing and targeting, Fusco Media Ltd are here to help in any way that we can. We work with brands and businesses to deliver social media campaigns (Along with creating content to be used in these campaigns) to ensure that their social media excites, engages and converts customers.

We operate across a range of social platforms and we offer bespoke social media solutions to enable us to work closely beside you/your business to create a focus on your target audience and make a difference to getting people involved in your brand (Or yourself). This includes generating both images, video and post content.

Despite what you may hear about social media and the benefits/downfalls, social media is an invaluable sales, marketing and customer service tool and can be catered to work for your business (Or yourself) no matter what size or sector.

Creating content that’s tailored just for you!

Being photographers and videographers; we can create unique, creative and high impact content to be used online on social media and it’s all personalised and catered towards you and your business. We believe that all content shared across your social media should work towards driving enquiries (Either via social media or directing clients to your web site) and generating engagement and importantly generating sales.

We can discuss campaigns on what services and products you wish to publish as a business and get across to your social media following, which helps to represent your values, beliefs, products and ensures that your business is consistent across all social media platforms.

Think it’s time to get social?

We listen to you and your digital marketing needs and we’re here to deliver exactly what you want; ranging from driving sales from your web site, engaging with people who follow you on social media or just trying to get out there and let people know about you or your business.

If you think it’s time to get social, drop us a message to get started and we can arrange a meeting to discuss things further and find out what we can do to help you. We offer afforadable packages and can be fully tailored to your needs.


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