Beth & Daniel – Wedding

It’s Keith’s birthday and what better way to spend a birthday than to shoot a wedding as a second shooter for Captured Hearts Photography! It was blowing a gale from the moment of leaving the house to getting to the wedding venue and it didn’t give up even upon arrival! But like all best laid plans, they never go as they should. However, it’s when you think further into it and come up with a workaround for issues like this, is when you can create some magic!

It was Beth & Daniel’s big day and out of all the days to have bad weather, today was the day! It wasn’t so bad really as Beamish Hall is a large venue, so there’s plenty of space, but it’s when you need to do the large group shots is where you’ll struggle. So when it came to the confetti shot and group shot, it was quick thinking which we decided to sacrifice ourselves for that image needed! We lined up everyone outside with their backs to the wind and the cameras facing the wind, then after the count of three, everyone was to throw confetti at the cameras and it would be magical. 3, 2, 1 and the confetti came shooting at us in the harsh winds and after many clicks, we nailed the shot! (Including a little outtake at the end from where the confetti took revenge on Daniel).

The rest of the wedding was a ‘breeze’, as we managed to use the woodland area out the back of the venue and as that was covered, we got around the wind situation and gave us all time to relax and grab some fantastic shots.

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