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  • Perfect Wedding & Prom At Shotton Hall

  • Today's blog post is featuring a photo shoot that we did at Shotton Hall for Perfect Wedding & Prom and the aim of the shoot was to get a wide variety of images in and around the venue to showcase the dresses which are available for sale at the shop, which were then to be used on their social me[...]
  • Needles And Pins - Rise Up [Music Video]

  • It's music video time again and this time we're shooting with the awesome band called Needles And Pins at The Old Church Studio near Morpeth. The idea which we had in mind was a quite intimate set-up and featured the band performing in a circle, which meant that when shooting some one, you can have [...]
  • Trash The Dress - Smoke Bomb Style

  • We work closely with JackRabbits Paintball (Use coupon code KFP at checkout for a nice discount on smoke bombs) and do a lot of work together and this was no exception! We had an idea of doing a Trash The Dress shoot with Gemma and we decided that we wanted to get Robert from JackRabbit involved, so[...]
  • We're Switching To Fuji

  • We've been contemplating for a while about a change in our photography. We upgraded from the Canon 5dmk3 to a Canon XC10 for 99% of our video work, so the only thing we use the DSLR's for now is photography and sometimes as a second or third camera. Now we have our video side sorted and in-place to [...]
  • Samantha And The Convertible

  • We put up a last minute casting online for a quick hour shoot in Durham and Sam responded to the casting and was interested, so we got talking and decided on a theme, put together some ideas for outfits and locations and we get it set in stone. Sam came down from Darlington on the train and we me[...]
  • Pagan & Luke

  • There was an event advertised on the North East UK Portrait group on Facebook which was a group shoot in Jesmond Dene, so it was decided that we’d do something fun and for ourselves for a change and put down our name to attend. There was a few models booked in for this, but unfortunately there was a[...]
  • Finchale Priory Lighting Workshop

  • At Fusco Studio, we hosted a studio lighting workshop at Finchale Priory where we were teaching some tips and tricks on how people can light up people when on location and counter-act the sunlight when shooting on location. We got together Natasha Christopher and Salem and had them model for the pho[...]
  • MAS Body Development

  • Here’s some of the latest releases from MAS Body Development which include the new assassin’s hooded tops for male and female and also a bunch of other new stock including sports tops, vests and caps. To shoot these new lines, we headed to the Infinity Bridge at Stockton, so there’s a bit of a local[...]
  • Holly Lemmon Night Time Lighting Workshop

  • We hosted a location lighting workshop at night in Durham featuring the lovely model that is Holly Lemmon. This was a basic workshop which consisted of showing how you can use one light and a soft box to really bring out your subject when shooting in pitch black, or very little light. Durham was th[...]