Fusco Studio

Fusco Studio is a studio location in Murton (Two minutes from Dalton Park) and it’s available to rent to any one in the creative media industry. At the studio, we host regular creative nights (They are the perfect event for models and photographers to boost their portfolios), host workshops/tutorials and provide studio rental which is available to anyone at the rate of only £15 an hour (Which includes use of the space and equipment).

We have a range of different lighting equipment, modifiers, props and shooting areas. Along with the shooting areas, we have a number of different coloured backdrops available to use too. We also have a long list of models, make up artists and stylists if you’re short of some one for your project.

If you wish to book the studio, have any questions or learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us.

Behind The Scenes of the studio being used: