Needles And Pins – Rise Up [Music Video]

It’s music video time again and this time we’re shooting with the awesome band called Needles And Pins at The Old Church Studio near Morpeth. The idea which we had in mind was a quite intimate set-up and featured the band performing in a circle, which meant that when shooting some one, you can have some one else in focus in the back and gave us full reign of the place to walk around and grab all sorts of shots.

The finished set-up was absolutely amazing and once we added in some additional lights and some smoke, we were all set to go and record! So after shooting a quick 360º video for one song, we set on recording the next song called ‘Rise Up’. So it was a case of playing the song back multiple times, getting loads of different angles and some other awesome shots.

Here’s the usual behind the scenes photo and the finished video too.

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