Trash The Dress – Smoke Bomb Style

We work closely with JackRabbits Paintball (Use coupon code KFP at checkout for a nice discount on smoke bombs) and do a lot of work together and this was no exception! We had an idea of doing a Trash The Dress shoot with Gemma and we decided that we wanted to get Robert from JackRabbit involved, so he supplied and smoke bombs and guns and we provided the creativity for this shoot! We headed to Finchale Priory and planned on doing the shoot there, starting in the wooded area for some dramatic and cinematic style shots and then we thought we’d venture into the stream for something a little different and then lastly, we went to the side of the lake to play with some fire!

Here’s a selection of images from the day, along with a video shot by JackRabbits below, showcasing a behind the scenes version of the day! Many thanks again to Robert for the smoke bombs and filming the behind the scenes video too… Ps, there’s a surprise appearance from the police too.

Here’s a few behind the scenes shots too:


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